Economic and Social systems

Our goals

Recent worldwide economic changes have greatly impacted Japan, but Southern Kyushu is geographically far from large urban financial zones, resulting in regional problems such as the fragility of its industrial infrastructure, an information technology gap, depopulation, and an aging society. These problems have emerged at the same time as economic cooperation has been promoted based on the region’s close geographical and historical links with other Asian countries, which is another major challenge. Members of this local society are groping for ways to overcome these obstacles.

In order to appropriately deal with regional economic and social issues and advance international collaboration, it is essential to clarify the structure of economic society and master analytical methods, to foster the ability to propose economic policies, to acquire a global perspective on the worldwide economy and international development, and to cultivate people’s ability to deal with changing local corporations and trends in regional society. We aim to train the personnel needed to achieve these goals.

Education and Teaching Staff

ISHIDUKA Yoshinobu Microeconomics
KATAGIRI Shizuko Sociology of Aging Society with Fewer Children
KITAZAKI Kouji Regional Planning
KITAMURA Kouichi Management Accounting
KIDO Hideyuki Sociology
KUWABARA Tsukasa Sociology,Interactionism
NISHIMURA Satoru Institute of Developing Economies
HAGINO Makoto Management Information Studies
HAYASHIDA Yoshie Fiscal Policy Studies
MATSUKAWA Taichiro Economic Statistics
YAMAMOTO Kazuya International Finance
ICHIKAWA Hidetaka System Construction and Analysis,Manufacturing System,Product Developing
OH Kyogai (WANG Jingkai) Corporate Finance
OSHIBA Shuko International Management
SAWADA Shigeaki Financial Accounting
NOUNAKA Itaru Social Education History and Theory
KANEKO Mitsuru Childlen Studies,Community Education
HINO Michihiro International Economic Policy,International Environmental Policy
MIURA Sou Japanese Economic History
NAKATANI Sumie Social Anthropology