While providing fundamental knowledge of law, administration and politics, our programme aims to develop students’ problem-solving capabilities from both all-round, practical viewpoints as well as to cultivate their potential to apply themselves to the legal and administrative issues faced in the region.

We also offer comprehensive education of policy science and legal relations as well as the traditional jus civil areas such as constitutional law, criminal law, civil law, commercial law, tax law and the law of criminal procedure.

Our research and education

is highly professional in the fields of law, administration and politics
is based on historical, theoretical, comparative and empirical methods
enables students to apply themselves to the legal and administrative issues of the region
welcomes mature students
emphasises joint research for solving regional legal and administrative issues

1 Policy
Producing graduates who have the ability to make policies to cater to the different issues facing regional society.
2 Civil Law
Producing graduates who are capable in both legal interpretation and dispute settlement through a curriculum centering on positive law.
3 Legal Negotiation
Producing graduates who are capable in dispute settlement and practical legal negotiation.


We encourage mature students to apply so courses are held both during the daytime and evening.
Students who gain more than 30 credits, complete a dissertation and pass their final exams will be awarded with an MA (Law).

Education and Teaching Staff

NAKAJIMA Hiroshi Criminal Procedural Law

Tax Law,Constitutional Theory

HIRAI Kazuomi Japanese Modern Political History, Local Politics
SHIDA Souichi Business Law
MATSUDA Tadahiro Commercial Law, Maritime Law
YONEDA Kenichi Sociology of Law
MORIO Seiji Administrative Law
ABE Jun-ichi Civil Law (Bürgerliches Recht)
UEHARA Daisuke

Criminal Law

SACHIKO Uemoto Civil Jurisprudence
OOKODA Masahiro Administrative Law
ONO Tomoya Constitutional Law
MASAGO Yasushi Private International Law
ITO Shuhei Social Security
SAITO Yoshihito Civil Procedural Law